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With over 15 years experience in all aspect of barrel rifling we are able to work from barrel form data to provide a solution to suit our client’s needs. We are familiar with most NATO calibre weapons and have produced 20 mm, 30 mm, 4.5 inch, 120 mm and 155 mm calibre broaches and have designed and produced specials to suit specific customers designs. From duplication of existing broach tooling (reverse engineering) through to the supply of a complete tooling package our aim is to understand our clients goals and objectives and tailor our services accordingly.

The table below is an example of what we can offer from one off broach samples to full research and development of broaches, work heads and pull bars.

Services matrix

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 Broach cutting tools onlyTurnkey pack to include Broach tools and associated tooling to include R&D
Confidentiality agreementYesYes
Export licences/permitsIf requiredIf required
Submission Barrel data to Matwest (UK) LtdYesYes
Assessment of rifling machine (SIG or otherwise) re Broaching methodYesYes
R&D (new projects/methods)on agreementYes
Calculation of No of broach toolsYesYes
No obligation quotationYesYes
Broach designYesYes
De burr & chamfer broach designYesYes
Work-head design / pull bar design NoYes
Cam design if not CNCon agreementon agreement
InstallationOn agreementOn agreement
Ongoing supportOn agreementOn agreement
Ongoing RefurbishmentYesYes
Manufacturing process development and set-upOn agreement On agreement

This can be suited as required to your specific requirements.

Proven out tooling

It is worth noting that we have produced broach tooling and work-head assemblies that have now been in use over a number of years and are proven out. We apply lessons learnt from proven out designs to new designs providing reassurance that you will receive maximum return on your investment.

3D design

We utilise our own in-house design capabilities to provide you with experience based solutions backed up by utilisation of the latest 2019 Solidworks premium CAD software. We are able to assess fit and tolerance stack ups and carry out Finite element analysis studies on our components and assemblies providing our clients with robust design solutions. We are able to accept CAD data in a number of formats.

Matwest Broach

Research and Development

We offer a comprehensive research and development service aimed at taking on new projects and have to date assisted a number of customers in providing complete tooling packages, comprising of broaches, broaches work heads and pull bars for confidential projects that have proved successful and in some respects pioneering.

broach tool in barrel
Rifling broach designed in context of barrel data

If you have having issues regarding the technical elements of rifling we can help. We have previously advised on:

    • Materials and material specifications required for barrels and broaches
    • Rifling feed rates
    • Lubrication of the broach tooling during the rifling process
    • Rifling set up, barrel and broach tooling
    • Broach cutting exotic long life barrel materials.

Rapid prototyping.

We produce STL broach models to assess and inspect and also to discuss design intent with our customers

3D broach file for rapid prototyping
rifling broach prototype

Our R&D team has over 15 years of industry experience of barrel rifling and engineering design of broaching and associated tooling. Please contact us if you require assistance.

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